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Curated sunglasses with lenses handcrafted in Japan.

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Sunglasses curated for benefit and experience.


Sunglasses curated for activities and environment.
Ultralight Collection


Designed as a homage to the classic Wellington style of the 50s. Forever made famous by the look of many Australian and Californian sunshades in the 80s and 00s, this Shinzo Tamura frame feels truly timeless.

Made in Japan

What differentiates our lenses from the rest.
Classic Collection


The Umeda is one of our classic frame styles that recall the timeless feel of the 1960s and 1970s. These styles are popular in Japan, and feature metal details in the nose bridge and temples.


Why is sun protection so important today?

Sunglasses makes us feel good, and of course help us see better. But the most important reason to wear sunglasses is to protect the health and longevity of our eyes.

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Ultralight Collection

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