Curated by Shinzo Tamura

An independent premium sunglasses brand from Osaka, Japan.

Designed around the lens

Shinzo Tamura combines light and flexible frames recalling iconic sunglasses shapes, with the worlds best polarized lenses made by TALEX in Osaka, Japan. Designed to protect your eyes and keep you healthy, Shinzo Tamura's family has been innovating eyeglass lenses for over eight decades.

Hand-crafted with technology

We embrace modern technology and materials, infusing them with the quality, care, and perfection of thousands of years of Japanese artisanship. Our lenses are considered the best in class. They eliminate glare without unnecessary darkening, so you can see the world more clearly and accurately.

Made for perfect fit

We believe sunglasses should look good, but they should also help you see better. And you should be able to wear your sunglasses for as long as possible without fatigue and the feeling of weight on your nose. Our goal is to create frames so comfortable you might forget you are still wearing them at the end of the day.

Shinzo Tamura

A Japanese eyeglass maker in the third generation, Shinzo Tamura has curated a collection of timeless frames, specifically designed for TALEX, the polarized lenses his family has made for over eight decades.

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"My family has been making eyeglass lenses for more than eight decades. I'm proud to say they are some of the best lenses available."

Lifestyle choice, not lifestyle brand

We hesitate to call Shinzo Tamura a lifestyle brand. We pride ourselves on making sunglasses with handcrafted lenses designed to protect your eyes and help you enjoy yourself more thoroughly. But we suppose choosing to take care of oneself and enjoy the world more is a lifestyle choice.

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