High Definition Polarized Lenses by TALEX

The advanced lens technology behind our High Definition lenses delivers superior optical clarity, high definition color contrast, and maximum eye protection in a nine-layer lens. Made from our patented CACCHU® material, High Definition lenses feature a unique combination of properties that ensure an enhanced performance to conventional polarized glasses.

TALEX HD lenses combine the excellent optical clarity of glass with the impact resistance and lightness of polyurethane. Using iodine compounds to color the polarizing film, we produce a filter that is brighter and clearer, and completely free from discoloration and distortion.

The super thin polarizing film is encased inside the lens to filter harmful light components, such as UV rays and reflected surface glare. Protective coatings, developed over many years, further boost the performance and resilience of this lens. The CACCHU® lens material has passed the world's toughest inspection standard (ANSI Z87.1).

TALEX Lens Guide

Visual Balance

The TALEX lens family combines three unique properties - natural color, contrast, and brightness. Every lens has a unique visual balance, delivering the perfect pair of sunglasses.

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