Eye health

Why is sunprotection so important today?

Unfiltered light

Harsh light and reflections can cause dangerous situations during many activities – such as driving a car. And in the long-term, they can cause damage to our eyesight and create stress in our brain.

Filtering the light that enters our eyes, much like drinking filtered water or breathing filtered air, helps us to protect one of the most precious organs in our body.

Cheap sunglasses

Many sunglasses are only designed to look good on you, with lens colors that match the frame, but are not chosen to protect your eyes for a specific activity or environment.

The wrong lens can damage your eyes! Dark non-polarized lenses can make your pupils open up even more and let light and harmful UV rays get to your retina without filtering.


Polarized lenses have a built-in filter that blocks bright, reflected light. This intense light is known as glare. When glare is reduced, our eyes feel more comfortable and we can see the world more clearly.

A polarizing filter also removes 99% UV rays and other harmful light, helping to keep our eyes strong and healthy, and removing the typical fatigue and tiredness that can come from wearing sunglasses for an extended period of time.

Take care of your health

You can take simple steps to keep your eyes healthy. Besides wearing good sunglasses every day, stay active, eat healthy, and try to rest your eyes throughout the day.

Especially if you look at screens often, take regular breaks and allow your eyes to focus on objects that are further away.



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