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Do you have a question? A suggestion? Feel free to contact us via this form and we will be happy to help! Many common questions are addressed below. And we keep adding to this FAQ based on ongoing conversations with our customers.

Keep in mind that most of our team is in Japan. However, messages are typically answered within 24 hours of each business day.

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Why We Don't Offer Phone Support

We’re a small, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic team of people eager to answer your questions and solve your eyewear problems. We do this via multiple digital channels, but we don’t offer phone support for the following reasons:

  • We wouldn’t be able to offer the same level of support over the phone. Small brands like us often need to use phone support centers that can't guarantee the same level of quality. Email and social media are best for this reason.
  • We can instantly check your order status or solve an issue online without needing to put you on hold.
  • Using online support channels allows us to keep your information and support history in the one spot, making sure that we have a detailed account of our communication with you. Nobody likes having to explain a situation over again because you get a different support person when you call.


All our products ship free directly from Osaka, Japan. If you are not happy with your new pair of sunglasses for any reason, you may return it within 30 days, completely free of charge. We pay for return shipping.

International orders typically ship within 2-5 business days directly from our factory in Osaka, Japan, and will arrive in 5-10 business days (sometimes faster). Expedited delivery is currently not available, as we are already using one of Japan's premier shipping services.


Shinzo Tamura sunglasses are designed and manufactured in Osaka, Japan, and made from the highest quality materials. Every step of the lens manufacturing process is performed in-house. If you experience a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace the product at no charge within the first 5 years.


We accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase as long as they are in original condition (damage and scratch free, clean, and in the original packaging). Sale items are ineligible for return or exchange. Returns from North America can be shipped to our offices in Portland, Oregon.

To start your return process please send us a message at: or reply to your order confirmation.

Refunds will be  processed within 2-3 business days of the receipt of your return and will be credited to the original card charged at the time of purchase. Please note that we cannot reimburse expedited shipping charges.

Lenses & Materials

More details on the manufacturing processes and materials that are used to make Shinzo Tamura sunglasses.

All our frames are made from durable and flexible nylon, a polymer that is known for its light weight and relatively little “aging” (many plastics degrade over time, especially from exposure to sunlight). It is also skin-friendly and one of the lightest materials available.

Our lenses are made from various different materials. Most of them are PPL-75, our proprietary lens material that is known for its extremely clear visible spectrum, and therefore ideal for eyeglass lenses. Our High-Contrast lenses are made from CACCHU, a patented polyurethane we developed to provide the ideal balance of visual clarity and durability.

But the secret is in how we make these lenses. Our patented iodine filter is laminated between two very thin lens discs. Additional coatings make our lenses extremely durable, and quite frankly some of the best polarized lenses in world.

TALEX - our parent company - does offer polarized prescription lenses in Japan. We know that many of our customers are asking for these and we are committed to offer prescription lenses in the US market in the future.

Universal Fit

Shinzo Tamura sunglasses have pronounced and adjustable nose pads made from non-slip material. This not only makes the frames sit slightly more elevated, but it also lets you adjust the fit.

Yes, our sunglasses are providing perfect fit for facial features common in Asian countries (flatter nose bridge and higher cheek bones). Our frames are not only made in Japan, but have also been sold in the Asian market for years.

The way how you can typically tell if a frame is better for “Asian fit” is by looking at the nose pads. Many modern sunglasses have nose pads that are part of the frame (molded in). This brings the lenses closer to the eyes and often results in the frame sitting on your cheek bones instead of floating above. This also means that the nose pads are not really resting on your nose, that your eyelashes may touch the lenses, and that your lenses can fog up more easily.

Shinzo Tamura sunglasses have pronounced and adjustable nose pads made from non-slip material. This not only makes the frames sit slightly more elevated, but it also lets you adjust the fit. Because not all nose bridges are shaped the same, we call it universal fit. Instructions to adjust your nose pads to move the lenses up or down, or closer or further away from your eyes are included in the packaging. This guarantees that your pupils are perfectly centered in the lens area.

Brand Details and Locations

Shinzo Tamura is an independent sunglass brand operated by TALEX, a family owned lens and eyeglass manufacturer from Osaka, Japan with 85 years of history in eyeglass innovation.

The TALEX mission is to bring quality polarized lenses to more people around the world and help to fight eye diseases caused by the ever increasing UV intensity. We see our role not only in developing and making the highest quality eyewear, but also to educate consumers on the often irreparable damage that unfiltered light can cause to your eyes.

Visit our corporate website for more information on TALEX.


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