Ultralight frames with perfect fit. Curated with premium polarized lenses designed for high performance fishing. Made in Japan.

Eye protection in strong sunlight

The Slate lens provides maximum eye comfort on the water. Our darkest lens suppresses strong light reflected from the water and direct sunlight while preserving natural color in strong-light situations. Recommended for offshore fishing and in open areas.

Contrast performance and crisp contours

The Copper lens delivers sharp underwater views. This lens suppresses reflections and reduces glare on the water while increasing contrast so you can clearly see fish silhouettes and obstacles in the water. Recommended for sunny days.

Perfect vision in low-light conditions

The Peridot lens is popular among avid anglers. It increases brightness, reduces glare, and makes colors appear more vivid, making it easy to identify objects in areas with heavy weed growth or muddy water. Recommended for low-light conditions, and ideal on rainy or cloudy days.

Performance in all weather conditions

The Pyrite lens is an all-around lens for any fishing type in any situation. This lens combines brightness, contrast performance, and natural color for viewing fast movements. Ideal for seeing fish silhouettes clearly without much change in color.

Designed for professional anglers

TALEX polarized lenses are designed for professional anglers. They have been tested in all conditions, and are trusted by many high performance anglers in- and outside of Japan.

Perfect for your next adventure

Less glare from the sun and no harsh reflections from the water surface will keep you focussed for longer. Enjoy your fishing experience without fatigue and with healthy eyes.
Featured Pair

Joto Peridot

The Joto is one of our classic frames that recall the timeless feel of Wellington style glasses. This model is paired with our Peridot lens, delivering extra brightness on cloudy days for your next fishing adventure.


Mointain Stream Fishing

Shingo Matsui works as a fishing guide in the Honshu area in Japan. He enjoys both fly fishing and lure fishing, and guides anglers to a wide range of fishing spots, from mountain streams at high altitudes to rivers in the countryside.

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TALEX Lenses

Visual Balance

The TALEX lens family combines three unique properties - natural color, contrast, and brightness. Every lens has a unique visual balance, delivering the perfect pair of sunglasses.

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