We believe sunglasses should look good, but they should also help you see better. Our sunglasses are light and flexible so you can wear them all day long. They help you protect your eyes from harmful UV light whenever you are outside.

All our sunglasses feature premium TALEX polarized lenses, specifically designed to help you see in natural color, with better contrast, or to increase brightness.

Natural Color

Premium TALEX Lenses

Natural Color lenses block out harmful UV light and reflections without darkening your view. So you can see the world as it truly is without damaging your eyes.

High Contrast

Premium TALEX Lenses

Contrast lenses sharpen your vision and make you see more three-dimensional by adding contrast. So you can see your environment more clearly.

Increase Brightness

Premium TALEX Lenses

Brightness lenses soften light and glare while increasing brightness and vibrancy. They are exceptional when it’s moody and cloudy, and in many other low-light situations.

TALEX Lens Guide

Visual Balance

The TALEX lens family combines three unique properties - natural color, contrast, and brightness. Every lens has a unique visual balance, delivering the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Lens Guide