Ultralight frames with perfect fit. Curated with premium polarized lenses designed for driving. Made in Japan.

Designed for professional drivers

TALEX polarized lenses are designed for professional drivers on and off the racetrack. They have been tested in all conditions, and are trusted beyond the track by chauffeurs, pilots, and bullet train drivers in Japan.

Perfect for your road adventure

Less glare from the sun and no harsh reflections from the tarmac will keep you focussed on the road. Enjoy your driving experience without fatigue, keeping your eyes healthy for longer.
Featured Pair

Joto Onyx HD

The Joto is one of our classic frames that recall the timeless feel of Wellington style glasses. This model is paired with our Onyx High Definition lens, delivering superior optical quality and high definition color contrast for your driving adventure.


TALEX and Porsche

We are extremely proud of our longterm collaborations with driving professionals, that enable us to curate sunglasses especially for professional drivers and motorsport.

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TALEX Lens Guide

Visual Balance

The TALEX lens family combines three unique properties - natural color, contrast, and brightness. Every lens has a unique visual balance, delivering the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Lens Guide