Low Bridge Fit Frames

Low Bridge Fit Frames

Low bridge fit sunglasses are specifically designed for people who have pronounced cheekbones and a low nose bridge. People with these face characteristics often have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit perfectly and comfortably.

Over the last few years we're seeing more sunglass brands offer 'alternative fit' frames to differentiate their product offering. Whether they're calling them 'Asian fit', 'alternative fit', or ‘low bridge fit’, they are all different terms used to describe sunglasses that are tailored for this specific face shape. But the good news is that the industry is finally recognizing that it can be tough to find the perfect pair! 

So what should you be looking for?

The way how you can typically tell if a frame is better for “Asian fit” is by looking at the nose pads. Many modern sunglasses have nose pads that are part of the frame (molded in), allowing for zero adjustment. This brings the lenses closer to the eyes and often results in the frame sitting on your cheek bones instead of floating above. It also means that the nose pads are not really resting on your nose.

Another uncomfortable effect of this is that your eyelashes may touch the lenses, because they are too close to your eyes. This is also the reason for lenses fogging up more easily.

What else besides the nose pads is important?

Besides adjustable nose pads, you should also look for slightly more curved temples. A little more curvature will 'lock' your sunglasses to you head and provide better fit.

You also want to avoid extremely angled frames (this is the angle between the temples and the main frame). If the angle is too strong, the frames will more likely touch your cheekbones. An angle that looks closer to 90 degrees will definitely help with fit.

Shinzo Tamura 'Universal Fit' frames

Shinzo Tamura sunglasses are naturally providing the perfect fit for facial features common in Asian countries.

All our frames feature pronounced and adjustable nose pads made from non-slip material. This not only makes the frames sit slightly more elevated by default, but it also lets you adjust the fit. Because not all nose bridges are shaped the same, we call it universal fit.

Being able to adjust you fit doesn't only let you fine-tune your frames to you face type, it also guarantees that your pupils are perfectly centered in the lens area. Providing perfect UV protection and crystal clear views.

Read more about how our frames are made here.

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