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You filter your water. You protect your ears from loud noises. And you should protect your eyes from harmful light.

It took us 85 years to make your sunglasses

Our family has been making eyeglass lenses in Osaka, Japan, for over eight decades. Combining technology with the quality and perfection of thousands of years of Japanese artisanship.

We make the highest-performing polarized lenses on earth. Filtering the light that enters our eyes, much like drinking filtered water or breathing filtered air, helps us to protect one of the most precious organs in our body.

Hand-crafted with technology in Japan. Our polarized lenses are considered the best in class.

Everyday Sunglasses

We believe sunglasses should look good, but they should also help you see better. Our Everyday Sunglasses are light and flexible so you can wear them all day long. They help you protect your eyes from harmful UV light whenever you are outside.

Starting at $180

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Active Sunglasses

Made in Japan with modern technology and traditional craft, our Active Sunglasses feature multi-coated TALEX polarized lenses that are specifically designed for the light conditions of different sports and activities.

Starting at $180

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Try Shinzo Tamura 100% risk-free. If you don't love your new sunglasses, send them back for a full refund. We'll cover the cost of return shipping.

The best polarized
lenses in the world

Polarized lenses by TALEX

Made in Japan

Our craftspeople and scientists combine technology and modern materials with the quality, care, and perfection of thousands of years of Japanese artisanship.

The result is a superior polarized lens, that allows you to see more clearly, but also protects your eyes better by eliminating strain and stress.

Purpose built

We offer sunglasses that are curated for activity or environment, balancing three unique properties.

Natural Color allows you to see the world as it really is, without discoloration or darkening. Contrast adds sharpness and contrast, to help you see more three dimensionally. Brightness is making the world appear brighter and more vivid.

Proprietary technology

Polarized lenses are built with a filter that blocks horizontal light, eliminating the harsh reflections in your environment.

TALEX uses a proprietary filter made from iodine compounds that blocks out more harmful and intrusive light than traditional polarized lenses. They are the highest-performing polarized lenses on earth.

Look good,
see better

Ultralight nylon frames made in Japan


Shinzo Tamura frames are perfectly balanced, ultra light, and made from non-aging nylon material, perfect for an active lifestyle. Nylon is significantly lighter than industry-standard materials.


The double-molded frames are flexible, extremely durable, and do not deform. The hinges are molded into the frame itself and benefit from the flexible and durable properties of the nylon material.

Perfect fit

The non-slip nose-pads are made from skin friendly elastomer, providing the perfect fit. Flexible titanium arms relief pressure, and give Shinzo Tamura frames a distinct and classic style.

Made from premium nylon

Nylon is extremely light and durable, shows no signs of aging, and does not deform over time, like many other plastic or acetate frames.

The typical surface degradation (whitening) of acetate due to material aging, sweat, and plasticizers is completely eliminated.

An independent premium sunglasses brand from Osaka, Japan.


Starting at $195



Starting at $180



Starting at $210


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